When the health care system doesn't have the resources it needs to serve the province, the ramification can be costly. 

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The Nova Scotia Nursing Strategy is being updated to ensure enough experienced nurses are retained across the province for the needs of the residents. 

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Health professionals from across the country meet to coordinate efforts to campaign for a progressive health care agenda for Canada.

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While the closure of a company planning private plasma clinics in Ontario is a victory, more needs to be done to keep them from opening up elsewhere in Canada.

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Why don't we have a national home care program yet?

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Why don't we have a national pharmacare program yet?


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Toronto (12 Nov. 2014) — The Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU/NUPGE) has learned that the current “call back” system in London and Middlesex County resulted in a resident waiting 23 minutes for an ambulance after calling 911 during the week of November 3 to November 9.

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New report finds that poor and marginalized groups do not get necessary dental care due to cost. 

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In 2012, nearly 800,000 Canadians reported that their home health care needs were either unmet or only partially met.

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Hoping to make positive change and tell the story of from the perspective from the front-lines, HSABC/NUPGE compiled a number of their insights in a recent submission to the B.C. government's Select Standing Committee on Children and Youth.

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On September 8, the Manitoba government is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the province's Home Care Program and proclaiming Manitoba Home Care Week.

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Plaintiffs apply to postpone constitutional challenge in order to seek resolution in face of mounting public pressure and looming trial.

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Strong majority opposes Harper healthcare funding regime – ready for Premiers to take a stand.

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Survey conducted for the Canadian Medical Association finds 95% of Canadians support the need for a national strategy for seniors, health care.

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The Government of Nova Scotia wants input on how to restructure the health care system in the province. Fill out the online survery to make sure your voice is heard. 

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Federal Court rules that the Conservative government's cuts to health care are "cruel and unusual treatment" and amount to violations of equality rights in Canada. 

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A tool to be used during election campaigns asking candidates for public office to pledge to make health care a priority issue.  Candidates declare their support and, if elected, commitment to work for the implementation of three items of a health care agenda:  1) an end to the expansion of private, for profit, health care; 2) improving and expanding Senior Care services; and 3) the establishment of a national PharmaCare program to cover not just catastrophic medications but all medically necessary drugs.

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Our Medicare is the triumph of values and economics.  It provides all Canadians with equal access to care on the basis of need, not wealth, privilege or status.  A large majority of Canadians are highly satisfied with the quality and standard of care Medicare gives them. Over the last 40 years our Medicare has served us very well. Our Medicare is worth celebrating and defending.  But more than that, our Medicare is, quite simply, a good and sensible idea that works.  But there is room for improvement.

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Submission by the National Union to the Parliamentary Committee on the Review of the Progress in Implementing the 2004 Health Accord.  National Union members who work in health care have a wealth of experience and knowledge and an important perspective on the implementation of the 2004 Health Accord. The document presents comments and recommendations in the spirit of helping to improve and expand upon Canada's crown jewel of public programs - Medicare.

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