Pensions and Retirement Security

"It is time to fix the problems of workplace pension plans for Canadians."

Toronto (27 September 2010) – The joint federal-provincial pension reform process is not moving fast enough slowly and should include a national forum of regulators and stakeholders, according to a study released last week from the C.D. Howe Institute in Toronto.

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Brief calls for higher CPP and GIS benefits and a national pension insurance program.

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Quebec also 'lukewarm' to national pension reforms under consideration by Canada's finance ministers.

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'No decisions have been taken yet to reduce any benefit or increase contributions.'

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Toronto pension lawyer says precedent set by court could affect retirees depending on other financially stressed pension funds across Canada.

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Judge hearing case filed by employees' pension committee castigates province for delaying action on pension plan shortfall.

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This marks four consecutive quarters of growth in pension fund assets

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'Hanging in the balance of the decision is whether the committee or the government has the authority to devise the plan to insure security and long term solvency.'

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Legislation introduced by President Nicolas Sarkozy to raise the eligible age for minimum pensions to 62 from 60 and for full pensions to 67 from 65.

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“Ontario teachers support the fight for public water services in the province and teach their students about the urgent need to support the right to water around the world.”

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Maximum coverage of $1,000 a month when company pensions fail falls far short of recommended $2,500 level of support.

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"The BP oil crisis has highlighted the significant financial risks presented by deepwater drilling and, as a fiduciary, we must be concerned about the possibility of future accidents and try to find ways to mitigate these risks."

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For the five-year period ended June 30, 2010, the CPP Fund has generated an annualized investment rate of return of 3 percent; for the 10-year period the Fund has generated an annualized rate of return of 5.1 percent.

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Agreement to distribute $22.5 million in proceeds arising from the demutualization of certain insurance policies.

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If a university with the agreement of unions representing the employees, can reform its pension plan, the government will allow it to amortize its solvency deficits over a period of up to 10 years.

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'Everyone concerned about the effectiveness of the Canada Pension Plan (CPP), Old Age Security (OAS) and Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) programs is urged to participate.'

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Households in the age group 70 and over whose income was ranked in the bottom 20 percent, home ownership raised incomes, on average, by 20 percent.

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Canada's publicly-run pension system did far better than private pension plans.

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No impact will occur on pension formula, inflation protection in retirement, survivor benefits or disability benefits.

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Leading leadership candidate misinforms Nova Scotians about pension plan contributions by public employees. - Updated

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