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Canadians value community social service workers

This fall municipal governments from across the country, representing more than 7.5 million Canadians, have passed official resolutions acknowledging Nov. 6 as Canadian Community Social Service Workers Appreciation Day.



Ottawa (6 Nov. 2009) - The National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE), its components, and federations of labour have selected Nov. 6 to recognize the contributions made by Canadian Community Social Service (CSS) Workers.

"We can each take time today to thank these workers whose efforts have touched the lives of most of us and our communities," say James Clancy, national president of NUPGE. 

Second annual appreciation day

This year more than 56 towns and cities from across the country and the province of Manitoba, have passed official resolutions marking the day.

These proclamations from the various communities celebrate and acknowledge the contributions of these workers at women's centres, shelters, respite-care facilities, addiction and rehab facilities, and also those who provide community services for children, families and people with disabilities.

In their proclamations these communities recognize that "the availability of these services helps improve the quality of life for everyone, while making our communities stronger and more stable."

Community Social Services suffer decade of cuts

More than 10 years of federal cuts to the provinces has taken a heavy toll on social services in many communities.

Clancy points out that in tough economic times these programs must be seen as an investment in people and communities.

"In addition to helping those most vulnerable, community social services provide the good jobs that will help to rebuild our economy. Instead of layoffs, cuts and closures in the social services, government economic stimulus could be fortifying these programs and providing jobs at the same time," says Clancy.

In the current economic recession, families rely even more on community social services to smooth out the rough edges of their lives. Support within the community is vitally important as they struggle to cope with unemployment, lost wages and lost pensions.


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To see which communities have passed official resolutions or proclamations go to the story at CSS Workers Care website.
Sign the petition or send a postcard encouraging the Harper government to re-invest in people by returning our social services to 1990 levels of funding.

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