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After almost 2 weeks of job action and 9 consecutive days at the table, enough progress was made that the committee decided it was time to let our members see what's on offer and have their say." — Stephanie Smith, BCGEU President

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The union will be in a legal strike position on Monday, August 15, 2022 at 2:46 p.m..

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"I couldn't be happier with this strong result. But it was the lead-up - the five weeks of intensive organizing, pop-up voting sites and mail-in ballot-collecting - that really forced the public service agency to change its tune"-Stephanie Smith, president of the BCGEU and chair of the union's bargaining committee.

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“Staff did the right thing by coming forward and alerting authorities about the potential misuse of public funds. They did the right thing, and their reward was a pink slip and a chance to compete for the job they already have, but at a lower rate of pay."

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“These cuts are affecting many of the protections our professionals uphold, including proactive inspections, the recovery of costs of spills, and protecting species at risk. We keep being told to do more with less, and that just isn’t realistic when cuts are occurring and new programs are being added.” — Shawn Burr, OPSEU/SEFPO Chair of the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks Ministry Employee Relations Committee (MERC) 

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“The government owes these 30 people an explanation and tell them why it was better to cut their funding and take away their jobs, rather than conduct a transparent audit to hold those people actually responsible to account.” — Jason MacLean, NSGEU President

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"Our members continue to deliver public health care and social care services throughout the pandemic and other crises, and under extremely challenging circumstances. They have come to be seen as heroes. And they deserve this recognition and our thanks, but they also deserve decent work. That means investment in quality public and social services, which will benefit us all." — Larry Brown, NUPGE President

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"As we approach the second winter of this pandemic, the impacts on mental health are increasing and demand immediate action. Mental health and well-being have long been ignored or met with caring words, followed by little else. This World Mental Health Day, we are demanding governments show their commitment through action! The pandemic has greatly harmed the mental health of many. As a society, we must take on the challenge of providing support to those struggling with mental health issues." ― Larry Brown, NUPGE President

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NUPGE calls on the CRTC and governments to urgently implement a 988 Suicide Prevention Hotline as part of a comprehensive mental health strategy. The pandemic has increased the mental health crisis in Canada and action is needed now.

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“MGEU/NUPGE is thrilled to begin working with this new local to ensure they have a strong voice and receive the respect they deserve while on the job." — Michelle Gawronsky, MGEU President

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Take Action: Send a message to the government  — Keep our parks public!

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Ottawa (21 April 2021) — Once known as "Secretaries' Day," April 21 is now celebrated as Administrative Professionals Day. Historically, these workers were shown gratitude with gifts of cards, flowers, chocolates, and lunches for their hard work.

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"While there are certainly some positive measures, there are also serious gaps and missed opportunities in this budget." — Larry Brown, NUPGE President

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"As we expected, the Court of Queen’s Bench agreed with us and ordered the Minister to appoint an interest arbitration board, calling the Minister’s argument 'disingenuous at best.' She granted an order requiring the board be appointed and for the government to pay legal costs to the MGEU/NUPGE. Shockingly, the government still refused to do the right thing.” — Michelle Gawronsky, MGEU President

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What is meant by the value of water is “enormous and complex value for our households, food, culture, health, education, economics and the integrity of our natural environment” rather than just the price.

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"I implore the Canadian government to continue monitoring the situation in Myanmar, specifically as it affects the Rohingya. I also reiterate NUPGE’s previous calls on the Canadian government to support the Rohingya’s ongoing needs and movements on the ground, and to support Rohingya-led grassroots struggles for peace." — Larry Brown, NUPGE President

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This ongoing pandemic is deepening the mental health crisis. Action is needed now to provide support to people in need. This World Mental Health Day we are raising the alarm and calling for governments to immediately invest in mental health supports ― Larry Brown, NUPGE President

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"More than unnecessary, Bill 132 is dangerous. Front-line inspectors are worried about being handcuffed. Things could end badly down the road if the government does not listen to our members." ― Warren (Smokey) Thomas, OPSEU President

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"The act ... is a draconian measure which limits and reduces a union's bargaining power...and inhibits the union's ability to trade off monetary benefits for non-monetary enhancements, such as protection from contracting out, job security, and layoffs. It has left no room for a meaningful collective bargaining process on issues crucial to union memberships." — Justice McKelvey, Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench

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"I hope [this] ruling shows the Premier and his government that it's time for them to stop fighting with their own employees, to stop the threats, and to start treating the people who deliver vital public services with respect." — Michelle Gawronsky, MGEU President

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