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Health Care

March 23, 2009

'[It] starts with the assumption that the conditions of work are the conditions for care.'

March 23, 2009

'The absence of a staffing standard has already compromised quality care in the drive to maximize profits.'

March 18, 2009

Ratification ballots are being distributed across British Columbia this week and must be returned by April 3.

March 15, 2009

Message to Premier Dalton McGuinty: Please fund our hospitals adequately to resolve their deficits and stop the cuts.

March 5, 2009

Canadian Blood Services plan to let unregulated employees perform health screening and assessments of blood donors is 'misguided' and should be abandoned.

February 24, 2009

US Researchers have discovered human antibodies that are able to neutralize not only H5N1 bird flu but other strains of influenza. There is hope now to develop them into lifesaving treatments.

January 31, 2009

Newfoundland and Labrador is not living up to commitments made, says NAPE president Carol Furlong