Stephanie Smith

“Politicians should recognize that working families face a crisis in accessing quality, affordable child care," says BCGEU President Stephanie Smith, who began her career as an Early Childhood Educator. "This polling shows that it’s time for political leaders to commit to a universal, accessible and publicly funded child care system."

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“I’m a fairly new employee and I had no idea what unions did for people. It was through conversations with co-workers that I heard so many positive things about the BCGEU/NUPGE.” — Jessica Keras, Salvation Army Centre of Hope worker, BCGEU/NUPGE member.

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“We need to address the crisis in services for children at risk, ensure that seniors get the care they need, and invest in the public infrastructure that underpins our economy and creates good jobs." — Stephanie Smith, BCGEU President.

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“We are very disappointed in the government’s decision and failure to address the very pressing staffing problems in other ministry program areas." — Stephanie Smith, BCGEU President.

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“If mandatory testing and documentation were part of the design approval process, they wouldn’t need to issue this order now." — Stephanie Smith, BCGEU President.

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More staff needed in ministry to support industry growth.

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"Government must ensure our members are never again subjected to deeply flawed investigations that lead to unfair firings,“ says BCGEU/NUPGE President Stephanie Smith

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Report from B.C. government intended to look at escalating violence in province's prisons and community corrections falls short of goals.

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Tentative agreement closes gap between Native Courtworkers and comparable jobs in Aboriginal services sector.

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“It’s time government gives back what it’s taken from children at risk." — Stephanie Smith, BCGEU President.

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“I want to thank the BCGEU/NUPGE members on the joint occupational health and safety committee at FPH for the important work they have done to make their workplace safer." — Stephanie Smith, BCGEU President.

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“We’re calling on the B.C. government to guarantee the Ishtar Transition Housing Society keeps these transition houses open.” —  Stephanie Smith, BCGEU President.

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"These changes will offer increased convenience for shoppers and make the public stores even more competitive. With almost 200 outlets, larger stores, greater selection and knowledgeable staff, public liquor stores can compete with private stores.” — Stephanie Smith, BCGEU President.

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The B.C. Government and General Employees' Union (BCGEU/NUPGE) report, Choose Children, highlights deficiencies in youth and family services across the province. 

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"We are part of the growing movement that is tired of waiting for politicians to catch up with the needs of Canadian families. We need a national child care program, and we need it now." — James Clancy, NUPGE National President.

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"It is essential that the Province provide equitable funding so that the Courtworkers can receive fair compensation, and can return to full service provision throughout the province.” — First Nations Leadership Council in its letter to B.C.'s attorney general.

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Stephanie Smith, President of the B.C. Government and Service Employees' Union (BCGEU/NUPGE) presents a $1500 cheque to Victoria Vargas for her essay on how quality public services enhance the quality of life for visible minorities.

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Government is meant to act as the prudent parent of all children in its care. The political leadership of our province is failing to recognize their responsibility." — Stephanie Smith, BCGEU President.

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Mt. Polley acknowledgement highlights need to boost environmental protection.

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“These workers are paid artificially low wages compared to their peers. It’s time for the government to fix this injustice.” — Stephanie Smith, BCGEU President.

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