Supporting the Struggle

Chanting “Another day longer, another day stronger,” and “3 million a day? Not today!" — the OPSEU/NUPGE members joined local Unifor and Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association members to call attention to the plight of the workers at the Co-op Refinery in Regina. 

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“Labour speaks with one voice when we call on Tim Hortons and all employers across Ontario to respect the province’s labour laws and the long-overdue increase in the minimum wage. To have owners of such a profitable company punish their loyal workers for an increase in the minimum wage is reprehensible and all citizens should take notice.” — Larry Brown, NUPGE President

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Dock workers held rallies at ports in Sweden, the Netherlands, Australia, Japan, Norway, Finland, Belgium, Denmark, the United Kingdom and Canada to support locked out IKEA workers. 

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The Survey showed that those living in the poorest neighbourhoods are disproportionately visible minorities, immigrants and single-parents and that women continue to earn less than men, even though they achieve higher levels of education.

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Global Unions and their members believe that the right to peaceful demonstration and freedom of assembly are basic elements of genuine democracy. 

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"We must ensure every worker has the freedom to join a union to protect their interests. Only then will workplace tragedies be prevented," said Clancy. James Clancy, NUPGE President.

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As a longstanding defender of migrant workers' rights, UFCW Canada expressed a variety of concerns relating to the TFWP in its submission to the Ministers.

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Chief Spence’s action has helped to galvanize a movement called Idle No More, which arose as a result of the federal government’s recent omnibus Bill C-45.

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It is estimated that migrant workers have contributed $3.4 million annually into Canada's Employment Insurance scheme. However it was not until 2002 that some migrant workers started to access special benefits.

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European Trade Union Confederation is calling upon Europe’s leaders to demonstrate their determination to deal with the deterioration in employment and to respond to the growing social anxiety felt by Europe’s citizens.

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“If we band together and act as one, we can change Walmart.”

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Please sign to petition to stop a U.S. beverage company from milking Canada's good name for corporate profits.

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