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December 3, 2018

"We know that discrimination against people with disabilities is compounded when they are faced with additional forms of oppression, such as racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, classism and colonialism. We cannot talk about one without addressing the others." — Larry Brown, NUPGE President

March 4, 2016

"Make no mistake: this isn’t about vulnerable children’s welfare. This is about cutting costs." — Warren (Smokey) Thomas, OPSEU President

April 29, 2015

Ontario is a wealthy society — and Kathleen Wynne is imposing austerity on people who work for low wages and who receive social assistance, rather than raising revenue by making the wealthy pay their fair share.

July 16, 2014

For the second time this year, Tony Clement, president of the Treasury Board, has his figures proven wrong on the federal public service sick leave program.

March 12, 2014

The New Brunswick Union (NBU/NUPGE) wishes to congratulate Mr. Milner on this award.