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September 10, 2018

There is an epidemic of violence against Indigenous women, Two Spirit and gender diverse people that is unacceptable. There is an epidemic of violence that is taking our loved ones from us.

December 6, 2016

 "We have a role to play in holding our institutions — the military, the police, the judiciary — to account when they allow violence to be perpetrated. As unionists, we have the responsibility to support the vulnerable in our midst." — Elisabeth Ballermann, NUPGE Secretary-Treasurer

September 30, 2016

There will be at least 86 Sisters in Spirit Vigils taking place across Canada. 

December 9, 2015

“Justice for our stolen sisters is long overdue. We will remain central to this process every step of the way." — Dr. Lavell-Harvard, NWAC

August 20, 2014

Recent murders of young Aboriginal women further highlight the need for a National public inquiry.