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tax evasion

January 9, 2019

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's proposed top tax rates are also consistent with those recently proposed by one of Canada’s most prominent economists.

August 17, 2017

“Cameco and Silver Wheaton got caught avoiding their taxes. As more information emerges about the use of tax havens by large corporations, it’s likely we’ll find those two companies are just the tip of the iceberg” — Larry Brown, NUPGE President

May 18, 2017

“It’s time for the Canadian government to review and renegotiate tax treaties with havens that enable this behaviour.” — Dennis Howlett, executive director of Canadians for Tax Fairness

November 3, 2016

"The defence of the status quo by the Minister of National Revenue and CRA officials in the committee hearings makes it clear we will need to keep the spotlight on the recommendations if we don’t want them watered down to the point of uselessness.” — Larry Brown, NUPGE President

September 16, 2015

“Companies like Google should be the subject of a leaders’ debate not sponsoring them." — Dennis Howlett, executive director of Canadians for Tax Fairness