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July 5, 2018

As a reward for stepping up to this challenge, NUPGE will be increasing the prize value to $1,500! 

May 28, 2018

"We wanted to share all the good work unions have done for our communities, and society in general." — Larry Brown, NUPGE President 

January 3, 2018

PEI UPSE/NUPGE’s bursary and scholarship program helps reduce some of the economic burden that students face. 

September 28, 2017

"Once again we were inspired by the young people who entered. Their essay entries were wide ranging and, in some cases, quite poignant and filled with insight. We hope that our financial assistance will go some way to helping the young persons selected achieve their dreams." — Larry Brown, NUPGE President 

November 6, 2015

Writing poem brought back emotional memories for latest contest winner

Ottawa (06 Nov. 2015) — You don’t have to be working age to appreciate the importance of unions. The two most recent winners of NUPGE’s Why Unions Matter contest, for example, both drew on painful childhood memories to describe how unions matter to them.