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Pensions and Retirement Security

February 5, 2008

Employment has increased 10 times faster among older workers aged 55 and over than among workers aged 25 to 54

February 4, 2008

Appeal in a 2007 decision of the Ontario Court of Appeal to Court to determine the appropriate conduct of employers managing employee pension funds

January 28, 2008

Seventeen research papers  on topics ranging from the funding, taxation, and governance of pension plans, to comparative models of risk-based industries and guarantee funds.

January 17, 2008

Growing support among investment management firms for shareholder proposals that address excessive executive compensation

January 14, 2008

'Poor equity performance in the fourth quarter took its toll on plans’ funded status'

January 13, 2008

City will invite pension fund investors to consider investing in the revitalization of Toronto’s historic Union Station

January 3, 2008

Top 100 executives paid $8.5 million compared to average worker's salary of $38,998

Hundred dollar billsOttawa (3 Jan. 2008) At 10:33 a.m. on New Year's Day, top Canadian chief executive officers (CEOs) had already "earned" more money than the average Canadian worker will make in all of 2008.

October 25, 2007

How Much Pension Will an Individual Need?

February 20, 2007

Business lobby group's 'research' on pensions laced with misleading information and false claims

January 4, 2007

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives shines a spotlight on obscene corporate salaries