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Women's Issues

August 21, 2012

“When workers, through their unions, are able to bargain freely for decent wages, benefits and pensions, there are benefits for the middle class and for society as a whole." - Ken Georgetti, CLC President.

August 15, 2012

B.C. Human Rights Tribunal orders company to pay woman fired for being pregnant.

pregnant woman typing at a computerVancouver (22 Aug. 2012) - A woman who was fired after disclosing to her boss that she was pregnant has received an $11,000 settlement from the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal.

August 8, 2012

The study warns that these cuts will damage progress made towards gender equality. 

July 26, 2012

“The resolution and the numerous discussions on the issue that took place during the Assembly of Chiefs is a clear indication that the safety and security of Indigenous women and girls is of paramount importance to the First Nations’ leadership,” said Jeannette Corbiere Lavell, NWAC President.

July 22, 2012

"As a labour organization, it's important for the BCGEU/NUPGE to raise public awareness and encourage men of all ages to speak out against violence against women." - Stephanie Smith, BCGEU Treasurer and Women's Committee Chairperson.

July 6, 2012

Canadian Human Rights Tribunal rules that federal government was discriminating on the basis of gender.

July 4, 2012

“I am more motivated than ever to open a new AIDS clinic in Lesotho that will be run by local experts supported by Bracelet of Hope. - Dr. Zajdlik 

July 1, 2012

The coalition wants the Minister of Children and Youth Services to meet with Thistletown parents as a group, make public a detailed plan for transition and commit to long-term funding to replicate Thistletown’s services. 

June 28, 2012

Every Saskatchewan worker stands to lose in government overhaul of labour legislation. Have your voice heard. Write to the Minister today!

Regina (03 July 2012) - A new campaign has been launched to educate and mobilize workers and the public about the changes to labour laws the Saskatchewan government is trying to introduce.

June 26, 2012

"The national poll on attitudes of Canadians towards their health care system revealed that Newfoundlanders and Labradorians want improvements to our health care system, not cuts." - Carol Furlong, NAPE President.