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health and safety

December 24, 2014

U.S. management professor says that while these reviews can show short-term benefits, many also lead to unrealistic workloads and ultimately cause long-term damage

December 15, 2014

“I want to thank the BCGEU/NUPGE members on the joint occupational health and safety committee at FPH for the important work they have done to make their workplace safer." — Stephanie Smith, BCGEU President.

October 9, 2014

New report says the province’s jails are the most strained in the country.

September 26, 2014

NSGEU/NUPGE presses Cape Breton Regional Police to look at post-traumatic stress accommodation.

September 23, 2014

Barry Rhodes' story reflects how B.C. Corrections failed to address working conditions that led to his post-traumatic stress disorder. 

September 12, 2014

The agreement to allow full searches of the institution is a step forward but underlying problems of over-crowding, low staffing, inadequate training and lack of security equipment remain.

August 11, 2014

Unbearable heat raises serious potential for harm for long-term care residents, and workers. Eastern Health must take immediate action on these issues.

June 23, 2014

"The employer has an obligation to take measures to minimize the risk of violence in the workplace. Staffing shortages can put the Correctional Officers and the inmates at increased risk.” — Joan Jessome, NSGEU President.

June 3, 2014

There are only 7 days left to register for this culturally significant conference.  Be a voice that helps shape our future workplaces — register today!

April 28, 2014

The National Union says that more needs to be done to make workplaces safer.  More employers need to be held responsible for the results of their negligence.