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March 30, 2016

“Now, more than ever, it’s important to have the protection that comes with belonging to Ontario’s strongest advocate for hospital sector workers." — Warren (Smokey) Thomas, OPSEU President

March 24, 2016

“Our newspaper ads go right to the heart of the matter. The highest-paid people in Ontario’s colleges are doing everything they can to stop some of the lowest-paid from getting ahead. That’s a fact.” — Warren (Smokey) Thomas, OPSEU President

Toronto (24 March 2016) — A new newspaper ad from the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU/NUPGE) has a simple message for community college presidents this week: Stop interfering with workers’ right to unionize.

March 9, 2016

Major issues are on the bargaining table for HSABC/NUPGE nursing members. 

February 17, 2016

“We look forward to sharing resources and expertise with these new members as we continue to meet the needs of the people we serve.” — Deb Gordon, OPSEU Chair, Child Treatment sector

February 12, 2016

PEIUPSE/NUPGE members at three workplaces will see improvements to the working conditions as they ratify collective agreements.

January 25, 2016

Members "want to have a chance to negotiate with their employer, have their issues heard, and vote on an agreement that hasn’t been dictated to them by Premier McNeil." — Joan Jessome, NSGEU President

January 13, 2016

“Now, more than ever, workers need a union, especially in health care. For Ontario’s health care professionals, OPSEU is really the only choice." — Warren (Smokey) Thomas, OPSEU President

December 7, 2015

Federal government to introduce legislation allowing RCMP members to join a union and engage in collective bargaining.

Ottawa (08 Dec. 2015) — RCMP officers are a step closer to exercising their rights to join a union and engage in collective bargaining, granted to them nearly a year ago by the Supreme Court of Canada.

September 23, 2015

OPSEU/NUPGE has proven track record of protecting public services and the workers who perform them.

September 17, 2015

"The law is fixed to give unscrupulous employers an opportunity to goad workers into renouncing hard‑fought gains." — Warren (Smokey) Thomas, OPSEU President