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Congratulations to Whitney Kujansuu and Tanya Turner on their wins in the NUPGE Swag Photo Contest!

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The purpose of this weekly podcast is to help raise awareness of important union issues with members, in an easy to access audio format.

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Video submitted by Caitlin Hendon


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By Michael Berthelot

On our own from nine to nine,
Working the press till the ink runs dry.
Ragged and exhausted, no hope in sight,
Until together combined, one force, one fight.
Nine to nine to nine at most,
In 1872, Toronto united, and a new epoch to toast.
A long time ago, and a battle won,
But unbeknownst to most, a war just begun.

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Three young Canadians are the latest winners of NUPGE’s $1,000 Why Unions Matter contest.

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"Two is better than one, though one could be good too. Four or more just lessens the chore, and five pulls it all through,” sings Ben Cottrill, the winner of the Why Unions Matter contest for April 2014.

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“I’d like to be able to find full-time work in journalism, but those jobs are hard to find,” says Why Unions Matter winner Matt Creed. “I know I’m not the only one in this grind—seems like everybody is going through the same thing right now.”

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Missed the Unions Matter book launch? Catch the highlights now out on video. 

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"Unions give us more. Something less tangible but more enduring. They give us an idea: the idea that our lives matter." — James Clancy, NUPGE National President.

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Latest Why Unions Matter contest winner's entry is short, sweet, smart, and fun.

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"Frank's message is one we can all hear more often," said Clancy. "We want to congratulate Frank for sharing his struggle with all of us, for standing strong and for showing us exactly why unions matter.' - James Clancy, NUPGE National President.

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