The NUPGE paper released today identifies some of the key considerations that workers and their unions should be thinking about when it comes to WFH — as both a temporary and possibly-permanent arrangement.

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The videos may be only 30 seconds but iit sends a serious and direct message: "Don't be that guy."

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Millennials urged to plan for '100-year horizon' — Peter Armstrong, CBC News 

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"This kind of wage discrimination is not an accident, it is firmly rooted in society. The only way we can stop the growing income inequality is to ensure that women's work is fairly paid, equal and valued." — Elisabeth Ballermann, NUPGE Secretary-Treasurer

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Latest contest winners show us that by encouraging their members to feel valuable and secure, unions help their members provide better service and care to their customers and clients.

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Join the campaign to raise the minimum wage for the lowest-paid workers in our country. 

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