Alberta appoints mediator in DynaLife dispute

HSAA hopes laboratory company will now engage in meaningful negotiations.

Edmonton (24 April 2009) - The Alberta government has approved a request for mediation in the dispute between DynaLife DX and the Health Sciences Association of Alberta (HSAA/NUPGE).

The union recently applied for assistance in an attempt to bring about "meaningful negotiations" with the private laboratory service company.

"We are hopeful that through the capable guidance of a skilled mediator this employer will come to the realization that it cannot circumvent its responsibility under the Alberta Labour Relations Code to participate in sincere negotiations with the union that represents its employees," says Kerry Woollard, HSAA's Senior Negotiator.

Bertha Greenstein, one of the province's most respected mediators, has been appointed to assist with the negotiations.

Greenstein hopes to commence mediation soon. Their next scheduled meeting dates are April 29-30. HSAA is awaiting confirmation from DynaLife.

HSAA's legal advisors filed a bargaining in bad faith complaint on April 16 with the Alberta Labour Relations Board (ALRB) after concluding that DynaLife tactics at the bargaining table amounted to "nothing more than a calculated and deliberate waste of time."


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