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The ATN Campaigner is coming to you!

Income inequality activists never sleep. Check out the ATN Campaigner to find out the great work going on across the country.

Ottawa (22 April 2013) – Wondering what's new in the All Together Now! campaign? Well, check your mail or in-box because it's coming straight to you.

Who's in the spotlight?

In the Spring edition of the ATN Campaigner, you'll get to know Anne Davis, one of our amazing ATN activists. She is a true leader who shares her expertise and knowledge on issues affecting women's economic equality every day.

Townhalls and more

You will also find out more about what happened in Sudbury, Ontario when over 2500 union members joined a townhall meeting, in person and by telephone, to talk about tax fairness, good jobs and quality public services. You'll also read more about the Women 4 Change component of the ATN campaign which looks at how the economy affects women differently.

There's also a story about tax havens and what Canadians for Tax Fairness are doing to expose them.

Follow the campaign on social media

Don't forget, if you haven't followed the campaign online, you can subscribe to the ATN Facebook page or if you like tweets, head over to Twitter and follow us @ATNcampaign.


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