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B.C. Labour Board rules IKEA commits unfair labour practices

The British Columbia Labour Board rules IKEA commits unfair labour practices and orders damages to be paid.

Vancouver (29 July 2014) — The British Columbia Labour Relations Board (LRB) on July 24, 2014, ruled that IKEA is in breach of the B.C. Labour Relations Code. The LRB decision found that IKEA has bargained in bad faith and committed unfair labour practices.

Offered incentive to workers to cross the picket line

IKEA bargained directly with employees through a website posting that offered employees an extra $2.50 an hour, additional unspecified weekend premiums and other enhancements if the employees crossed the picket line to work.

Further, the LRB found that IKEA was trying to induce the union members to abandon the union and bypass the exclusive bargaining agent rights of the Teamsters Union.  The Labour Board expressly ordered that the web posting be removed and that IKEA cease paying monetary incentives.

IKEA ordered to pay damages

The LRB has ordered IKEA to pay damages as a remedy to the union for being in violation of the Labour Relations Code of British Columbia.

Teamsters Local 213, business representative, Anita Dawson, stated, “We are extremely pleased with this decision. This shows IKEA for what it is, a company which makes billions of dollars a year in profits yet it refuses to negotiate to bring an end to this dispute, but is willing to underhandedly pay more than what was in the last offer they gave us.”

IKEA locked out its employees on May 13, 2013, over 14 months ago. There has been no bargaining since December 2013 and IKEA is refusing to negotiate.

Dawson also said, “Teamsters Local 213 remains willing to return to the bargaining table anytime.”

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