BCGEU asks whether highways are properly maintained

Information kit helps British Columbia drivers evaluate road maintenance


Vancouver (6 Dec. 2007) - The British Columbia Government and Service Employees' Union (BCGEU/NUPGE) has produced an information kit to help drivers evaluate road maintenance in the province.

The package has been designed with all highways stakeholders in mind, including commercial users who have an economic interest in properly maintained roads, and residents who may have questions or safety concerns relating to road maintenance.

"The BCGEU represents 2,500 highways workers around the province. Their expertise has gone into the development of this information package," says BCGEU president George Heyman.

"Highway workers are also aware of the frustration and uncertainty surrounding road maintenance. Are snowplows on the road soon enough? Are potholes repaired when they should be? This information kit will help drivers answer those questions and many others."

The package includes:

  • A short video on highways maintenance guidelines.
  • A checklist that includes toll-free numbers for highway contractors.
  • A draft resolution calling on the ministry of transportation to enhance monitoring and reporting of highways maintenance.

"Private highway maintenance contractors collect more than $300 million each year from B.C. taxpayers. Drivers will now be able to accurately judge whether these contractors are meeting their performance targets, whether our roads are being maintained properly, safely and in a timely manner," Heyman says. NUPGE

More information:

B.C. Highways Maintenance Checklist - pdf
B.C. Highway Maintenance Contracts - Specifications

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