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BCGEU waiting for more details needed on changes

Recent cabinet shuffle will impact about 2,400 public employees

Vancouver (4 Nov. 2010) - The B.C. Government and Service Employees' Union (BCGEU/NUPGE) says staff and program changes resulting from a recent cabinet shuffle are significant and will impact around 2,400 employees according to estimates made by the government.

"Most ministries are just beginning to work out the staffing budget and program implications of these changes," BCGEU says in an update on its website. "This information is needed so that the transition of members from one program or ministry to another is as smooth as possible."

Under the government's collective agreement with BCGEU members, ministries must consult when reorganizations take place.

"The Article 29 joint union/management committees are the forum for these conversations. The union has been in discussions through the various impacted ministries urging a quick start to discussions on the staffing and program changes," BCGEU says.

"For these types of reorganizations, there are three general principles the union advocates when discussing these changes with government: there should be no new workforce adjustment measures resulting from the changes; there should be no involuntary geographic relocation for employees; and office closures should be minimized. In addition, there are likely to be many other issues which will arise through a reorganization of this magnitude."

The union says early indications are that it will take some time – weeks if not more – for some of these issues to get worked out.


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