Brewery workers take on Molson Coors; Show your support!

"Striking workers at Molson Coors need to hear how much you support them in standing up to this global giant. They need to see who supports them even when we’re not on the picket line." — Larry Brown, NUPGE President

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Ottawa (26 Jan. 2017) — Members of the Canadian Union of Brewery and General Workers (CUBGW/NUPGE) Component 325 in Toronto have been forced on strike by Molson Coors Canada 2 weeks ago after the employer presented an offer the gutting of the collective agreement. The company attacked retirement security, health and welfare benefits, and working conditions.

Molson Coors Canada executives reap rewards on the backs of workers

Molson Coors Canada is a multi-million dollar global corporation. In 2015, the company brought in US$355.6 million. That same year, the President took home $6.1 million. And dividends at Molson Coors have increased 34 per cent in the last 6 years. "Do you know anyone whose wages have gone up that much?," asks Rob Folk, President of CUBGW. 

"In bargaining, the company took the approach of “take-it or leave-it,” but honestly, it was more like “take, take, take." said Folk. "It’s the classic David and Goliath story. We are fighting for a good contract so we can raise our families to have a bright future. But we are also fighting for the future of the Canadian beer industry."

We need your help says NUPGE President

In a letter to union members, Larry Brown, President of the National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE), of which CUBGW is a Component, appeals for solidarity with the striking members. 

Brown writes, "We are reaching out to help build solidarity for these 320 workers at Molson Coors. They need to hear how much you support them in standing up to this global giant. They need to see who supports them even when we’re not on the picket line."

Send letters of solidarity to strikers, walk the picket line, attend support events, boycott Coors Banquet, Miller Genuine Draft, Miller Lite

In his letter Brown outlines the various ways to provide support, including walking the picket line, sending messages of solidarity to the strikers, promoting solidarity on social media, sharing the strikers’ message with union members, family, friends and neighbours,attending solidarity events when they take place. The union asks that people boycott the U.S. produced beers that the employer is trying to swamp the Canadian market with.non-union-brewed Coors Banquet, Miller Genuine Draft and Miller Lite. 

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For more information about how you can support CUBGW Component 325, please contact President Rob Folk at 416-875-1229 or Brian Sturrock at 647-785-1982.

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