Code Blue for Child Care: sign open letter to Stephen Harper

Conservative government failing to listen to the wishes of most Canadian citizens


Ottawa (2 March 2006) - We were this close.

After 30 years of tireless campaigning on the part of social advocacy groups, unions, communities, parents and activists, the government of Canada had negotiated detailed agreements with most of the country's premiers, providing the basis for a national early learning and child care program.

And then along came Stephen Harper, supported by just 36.3% of Canadians. The other 64% cast their votes for parties who support a national child care program. Ignoring his own political reality, the Prime Minister has announced his plans to gut the emerging child care program so desperately needed by Canadian families. By all Canadians.

Not without a fight, he won’t.

The Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada (CCAAC) has launched Code Blue for Child Care.

Pass it on! NUPGE

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