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Employer taking holidays in B.C. CSS bargaining

'This leisurely approach to negotiations is very frustrating.' - BCGEU.

Vancouver (22 July 2010) - The bargaining committee for community social service workers represented by the B.C. Government and Service Employees' Union (BCGEU/NUPGE) says talks for a new contract have ground to a halt because the employer has opted to take a break.

"Your bargaining committee has continued its work to achieve a fair settlement in negotiations for 15,000 community-based social services workers. Unfortunately, the employers' bargaining committee has decided to take holidays."

The union says the committee met July 8 – 10 in Burnaby to review proposals and discuss strategy.

"As well, the Aboriginal Services representatives met on July 16 to finalize additional proposals specific to this sub-sector. The majority of proposals tabled earlier this spring will also cover members who work in Aboriginal Services agencies," the union says.

The employers, the Community Social Services Employers’ Association (CSSEA) and their representatives, have confirmed they are not prepared to resume meeting until September, offering only intermittent dates until the end of the month.

"This leisurely approach to negotiations is very frustrating. The collective agreement expired at the end of March and the parties have been in discussion, one way or another since, the fall of 2009," the union notes.

"Additionally, the employers' committee has often called it a day by 2 p.m. and prefers not to meet on more than a few consecutive days. This is inefficient, unproductive and adds tremendous expense to the whole process. It also causes disruptions in workplaces when your bargaining committee members are absent sporadically."


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