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Get on the bus with Capers 4 Healthcare on Nov. 16!

The Nova Scotia Government and General Employees Union (NSGEU/NUPGE) encourages those concerned about the health care crisis to let the health minister know how you feel.

Halifax (14 Nov. 2018) — Nova Scotia's Health Minister Randy Delorey has been invited time and time again to health care rallies and town halls held in Cape Breton to hear community members’ concerns about the ongoing health care crisis and the announced closure of 2 Cape Breton community hospitals. He has consistently chosen not to attend.

Well, if he won’t come to the community, the community will go to him

This Friday, November 16, the community group Capers 4 Healthcare will be chartering and filling buses with citizens concerned about the future of health care on their island. They will travel to the Canso Causeway, where they plan to exit the buses and lead a one-lane march across. to the mainland Once across, they will get back on the buses and drive to the Health Minister’s constituency office in Antigonish, where they will present their concerns and protest outside his office for several hours before returning home.

Register your spot

There is no cost to participate, so if you are interested, please register by emailing to get a seat on the bus! Please include passengers’ names, phone number and desired pickup location. If you need any help registering, contact an organizer at 902-304-4626.

To find out more about the crisis in Nova Scotia's health care, particularly in rural parts of the province, check out the NSGEU/NUPGE podcast on the issue.


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