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Help close tax loopholes - send a message today

Support Canadians for Tax Fairness at the pre-budget consultations tomorrow. Tell Finance Minister Flaherty and the Finance Committee know you care about tax fairness. Tell them to close unfair tax loopholes. Send this message today.

Ottawa (19 Nov. 2013) - Did you know that Canada’s top CEOs don’t pay any income tax on 50 per cent of the money they get from cashing in their stock options? This tax loophole costs federal and provincial governments $1 billion annually.

Not only is it costly and unfair to all of us who have to make up the difference - it is bad for the economy and encourages the short-term and risky speculation that has caused so much economic havoc.

Tax havens will be an issue for federal government pre-budget consultations

Canadians for Tax Fairness’ Tackle Tax Havens campaign last year succeeded in getting the government to take some initial steps to close tax loopholes and deal with tax cheats using tax havens in its 2013 Federal Budget. But much more action is needed.

The House of Commons Finance Committee is holding pre-budget consultations. Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is beginning to work on the Federal Budget 2014. Now is an opportune time to send a strong message to the government:

  •     close unfair and ineffective tax loopholes
  •     simplify the tax system and make it fairer
  •     spend the realized savings on public services that benefit all of us

More information on the Stock Options Deduction and other ineffective and unfair tax loopholes can be found here.

Canadians can take action for tax fairness

The National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE) and its partners, like Canadians for Tax Fairness, continue to make tax fairness an issue at the federal level. You can keep the momentum on this campaign by telling the Finance Minister and the Finance Committee to close unfair tax loopholes.

These tax loopholes allow valuable financial resources to escape the Canadian tax system, allowing Canadian politicians to say there isn't enough money to fund social programs, provide good jobs with a decent wage, and build a modern industrial strategy that will help communities and families create a stable life. We know Canada doesn't have a spending problem, we have a revenue problem.

Talk to your friends, family and co-workers about tax fairness. Closing tax loopholes is one step in the right direction.

More information:

Canadians for Tax Fairness - Send a message today!

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