HSAA statement in support of Alberta's Doctors

The lack of respect for health professionals is a problem.

Edmonton (27 Feb. 2020) — Members of the Health Sciences Association of Alberta (HSAA/NUPGE) stand in support of Alberta doctors who have just been slapped in the face by the Kenney government.

The statement comes after the Kenney government decided, unilaterally, to tear up the existing contract and impose changes to how physicians are paid. 

Working together side-by-side

HSAA/NUPGEr members work side-by-side with doctors every day and share one goal, providing vulnerable Albertans with the care they need.

The disregard for an established process and agreement is contrary to “good faith” and creates an unstable, unpredictable environment.

Governments actions disrespectful 

The lack of respect for health professionals is a problem and contrary to quality public health care for all Albertans.

The 28,000 dedicated and highly-trained health care professionals who make up HSAA/NUPGE can’t, don’t, and won’t trust the government with the future of health care.

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