Join Voices-Voix to protect democracy and the right to dissent

The National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE) has signed the Declaration as a demonstration of our commitment to defend collective and individual rights to speak out without fear of reprisal. 

Ottawa (13 May 2016) — On May 14, Voices-Voix, a non-partisan coalition of Canadians and Canadian organizations committed to defending collective and individual rights to debate and dissent, will be presenting its new Declaration to call for the protection and strengthening of dissent and democracy in Canada. 

Declaration reaffirms commitment to speak out, protect democracy

With a new government in place, the coalition wants to reinforce its demands: to ensure all Canadians can speak out for justice and equality without fear of reprisal. 

Voices-Voix is stewarded by a small group of volunteers, including human rights lawyers and representatives of the organizations in the coalition. More than 230 organizations have subscribed to the Voices-Voix coalition by endorsing the Declaration. The National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE) signed the Declaration as a demonstration of the commitment to defend our collective and individual rights to be a public voice on issues of justice and equality without punishment.

Individuals are also invited to sign the petition. Over 5,000 Canadians have signed so far.

Help protect democracy in Canada

You can get involved in the movement to strengthen our democracy in a number of ways. 

Sign up to the Thunderclap: This is a tool that allows people to send the same message at the same time over social media on May 14th. When you click here, you'll be able to add your Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr accounts to the campaign. 

Sign the Delcaration as an individual or as a group by clicking here.

Why May 14th? 

Voices-Voix is launching this declaration on May 14 to coincide with the Global Day of Citizen Action, when dozens of groups will come together to protect our freedom to speak out, organize and take action. They think it's important that Canadians join their allies from across the world in saying that these fundamental freedoms must be protected.

For the past six years, the movement to protect and strengthen dissent and democracy in Canada has grown. Through the cutting of funds, muzzling of scientists, vilifying of critics, criminalization of protest, slashing of services, and marginalization of women, racialized people, Indigenous people and others, people have stood together and spoken out. 

More information: 

Voices-Voix website


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