Legislative bickering concerns government employees in Manitoba

Members of the legislative assembly of Manitoba were unable to pass an interim supply bill. The bill is needed to ensure the government has money in its bank account to pay civil service employees and keep programs running.

Winnipeg (25 March 2019) — On March 22, media reports surfaced indicating that the pay for government employees could be held up due to procedural delays at the Manitoba legislature.

Manitoba legislators will work to pass bill but offer no guarantees

On March 21, the Pallister government was unable to pass an interim supply bill. This legislation is needed to ensure the government has money in its bank account to pay government employees and keep programs running. 

“I spoke with Scott Fielding, the Finance Minister, and shared with him how concerned we are about this situation,” said Michelle Gawronsky. President of the Manitoba Government and General Employees Union (MGEU/NUPGE).  “There are mortgages to pay, groceries to purchase — hard-working government employees simply can’t go without a paycheque.”

The legislature is on spring break and resumes April 1. The Minister said his government will try to pass the bill on that day and move forward.  However, he said there are no guarantees the bill will pass.  

“Have we entered into American-style politics?” questioned Gawronsky.  “The paycheques of government employees should not be some political football being kicked around in the legislature. It’s time for MLAs to work together.” 

According to Charlene Paquin, Civil Service Commissioner, the situation will not impact the next pay period, so employees should expect to receive their next pay, as scheduled, on March 29, 2019.

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