Let's defend Medicare - it's National Medicare Week

Take two minutes to e-mail Prime Minister Stephen Harper demanding that the Canada Health Act be enforced.

Ottawa (17 Nov. 2010) - This week is National Medicare Week, a time to celebrate what has long been recognized as the defining feature of Canada.

E-mail Prime Minister Stephen Harper to stand up for Medicare!

"Canadians strongly support the core values on which our public health care system is premised - equity and fairness," says the Canadian Health Coalition (CHC).

"There are, however, serious problems that need to be urgently addressed, including lack of access to timely care, home and continuing care, and affordable prescription drugs."

The CHC says the record of the current Conservative government has been lamentable in protecting Medicare.

"The Prime Minister has stood idly by as provinces de-list services, allow extra-billing by physicians and permit the selling of medically-necessary diagnostic services and queue-jumping, all in violation of the Canada Health Act," the coalition says.

"We need you to take a moment right now and e-mail the prime minister. It only takes two minutes. The prime minister needs to know that Canadians want action and leadership on health care, and they want the Canada Health Act enforced."

To send a message, click on the image in this article or the link below.


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E-mail Prime Minister Stephen Harper to stand up for Medicare

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