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MGEU bargaining reps create sea of red in silent protest at legislature

Some MGEU/NUPGE members have been without a contract for 20 months. 

Winnipeg (04 Dec. 2015) — Over 60 MGEU/NUPGE members who represent a dozen different bargaining units entered the legislative gallery on December 1 to silently send a message to government. All wore red t-shirts that read, “Still Without a Contract.”

More than 20,000 MGEU/NUPGE members still without contracts

“Over twenty thousand of our members have been in negotiations for far too long, some of them upwards of 20 months, or even longer,” said MGEU President Michelle Gawronsky.  “Bargaining committees are frustrated by employers who seem reluctant to engage in meaningful negotiations, or offer funding mandates. And when they do make an offer, it falls short of addressing workplace realities or previous settlements within the wider public sector.”

Manitoba government not dealng fairly with workers

In October, the Civil Service Bargaining Committee embarked on a week-long Fair Deal Tour, rallying at government workplaces and MLA offices across the province to keep the pressure on government for a fair deal.  But the civil service is not the only bargaining unit still struggling after many months to get a deal at the table.

“Since the Manitoba Federation of Labour Convention last May, MGEU/NUPGE elected representatives and staff have been working to get the message out that this government has not been dealing fairly with its own workforce, or members of other public sector organizations,” Gawronsky said.


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