MGEU members at Manitoba Public Insurance reach tentative agreement

Ratification vote will be held in March.

Winnipeg (03 March 2016) — Members of the Manitoba Government and Genearl Employees' Union (MGEU/NUPGE) who are employed at Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) reached a tentative 4-year agreement.

Tough round of bargaining but agreement reached

This round of bargaining had its own unique challenges as both the Bargaining Committee and the employer had agreed to bargain within a finite time-period.

In the end, the agreement was reached after 4 months of extremely tough negotiations, and ultimately through a conciliator, with only one day left until the mutually-agreed-upon deadline.

Ratification vote will take place through March

The Bargaining Committee is recommending acceptance of the four-year agreement, which would come into effect in September 2016.

MGEU/NUPGE members will be sent further details about the vote and the agreement by email today. Full details of the agreement will be available at the ratification meetings held across the province during the month of March.


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