MGEU members ratify multiple agreements

MGEU/NUPGE members negotiated improvements to wages, benefits and job security.

Winnipeg (26 April 2016) — Members of the Manitoba Government and General Employees' Union (MGEU/NUPGE) from three different bargaining units recently ratified new collective agreements. 

New five-year agreement for MGEU/NUPGE members at Manitoba Housing

On April 22, MGEU/NUPGE members who work at Manitoba Housing ratified a new five-year agreement. 

Manitoba Housing is a unique employer, with both civil service and non-civil service employees working in the same organization. When the members of the civil service filed for arbitration in spring 2015, it didn’t make sense to continue bargaining with a portion of members waiting for the outcome of the arbitration process.

In January 2016, however, the members working in the civil service ratified a new agreement, avoiding the arbitration process, and the Manitoba Housing Bargaining Committee was able to resume negotiations with the employer.

The new five-year deal includes employment security in a time of potential uncertainty, and contains no concessions. There are increases in wages each year, as well as an increase to the Health Spending Account and the introduction of a weekend premium.  

MGEU/NUPGE members at Career Connections accepted employer's final offer

Also on April 22, after receiving a final offer from the employer, MGEU/NUPGE members working at Career Connections voted to ratify a new three-year agreement today.  The members, who work with physically and mentally challenged clients in Brandon, will receive wage increases in each year of the agreement.

Adjustors at MASC ratify new five-year agreement

MGEU/NUPGE members who work as adjusters at the Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation (MASC) ratified a new five-year contract on April 22.

The new five-year agreement (effective March 22, 2014 – March 29, 2019) includes

  • general wage increases in each year,
  • improvements to the health spending account,
  • the introduction of a direct-pay prescription drug plan,
  • a stipend to address clothing, footwear and fuel costs, and
  • employment security provisions for the life of the agreement.

Now that the contract is ratified, the Bargaining Committee will be meeting with their employer to finalize and then sign the agreement for printing and distribution to members.

These MGEU/NUPGE members help in delivering the crown corporation’s many agricultural services including field inspections and claim adjustments on crop insurance programs offered through MASC.


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