MGEU plans rally to save Selkirk Laundry

The Manitoba Government and General Employees’ Union (MGEU/NUPGE) is holding an information picket/rally in support of members working at Selkirk Laundry.

(30 May 2019) — The facility provides laundry services for patients in hospitals, residents in personal care homes, and medical clinics throughout the Interlake and Winnipeg. The workers are worried about the future of the facility after the Minister of Health hinted in comments in the Manitoba Legislature that it may be on the chopping block.

Confusion from the ministry

When asked by another MLA if the government planned to close Selkirk Laundry, the Minister replied with the following: “There will be jobs posted. The people who are working in Selkirk are welcome and able and, according to their labour agreements, able to actually apply in for consideration for those jobs that will be posted.”

“That statement provides little comfort to those working at this facility. In fact, it has the opposite effect. It has elevated fears. These hard-working Manitobans and their families deserve to know the truth. They shouldn’t be left to hang in limbo, to wonder if they’re losing their jobs,” said MGEU President Michelle Gawronsky. “We’ve asked repeatedly for a straight answer and it’s time for this government to provide one.”

The future of Selkirk Laundry has been up in the air since the provincial government hired corporate consultants at KPMG to write a report that recommended closing the facility and “decommissioning to the Inkster Laundry site.”

Rally in solidarity

MGEU/NUPGE represents 43 members at Selkirk Laundry. It is one of the biggest employers in the city of Selkirk and has been in operation since 1974.

The rally will be held outside the Selkirk MLA’s office (326 Main St.) on Monday, June 3 from 4pm to 5pm. Please join the workers in support.

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