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MGEU: Premier’s 100-day plan promises more cuts to Manitoba's service

Premier Brian Pallister lays out his 100-Day Plan to media, which includes further job cuts and selling off public assets.

Winnipeg (20 Sept. 2019) - After being elected to a second term last week, Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister unveiled plans for his next 100 days in office yesterday. And in what may seem like déjà vu for many Manitoba Government and General Employees' Union (MGEU/NUPGE) members, the Pallister government is looking to continue to cut jobs and services in its newly-minted mandate.

Going to see cuts continue

“Those who work in Crowns, in government departments, or rely on funding from government are going to feel the effects of further austerity from this government,” said MGEU President Michelle Gawronsky.

“Whether it's services or whether it's legislation that will affect how services are provided, we’re going to see the cuts continue.”

Included among the initiatives announced yesterday the Pallister government plans to:

  • Continue cutting jobs and privatizing the Department of Infrastructure 
  • Change pension provisions
  • Sell off Crown Lands and other public assets
  • Order cuts to Manitoba’s Crown corporations and continue to interfere in the relationship between MPI and insurance brokers
  • Rewrite the Civil Service Act
  • Continue the process of changing job classifications in the Civil Service 
  • Continue to direct Manitoba’s post-secondary education institutions to reduce budgets while improving outcomes

Premier needs to meet with the workers

“This week, we wrote to the Premier asking for a meeting to discuss his plans and to send a message about what the effects may be for our members,” Gawronsky added.

“As we did during the Premier’s previous term in office, we’ll keep our door open to try and engage in conversations with this government and to advocate strongly on behalf of our members. It remains to be seen whether the Premier will be open to that during this new term.” 


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