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NAPE launches Don't Let Go campaign

Tell your candidates you support public long-term care services! Sign the letter. 

St. John's (06 Nov. 2015) — A provincial election is about to begin in Newfoundland and Labrador and the Newfoundland and Labrador Association of Public and Private Employees (NAPE/NUPGE) wants to make sure the state of long-term care is front and centre. 

There's a crisis in long-term care

The province doesn’t have enough long-term care beds. People are living at home or lying in hospital beds when they need to be in long-term care. More investment in resources is needed, not less, says NAPE/NUPGE, but the current government seems determined to privatize services instead. 

To raise attention to this crisis and the threats privatization poses, NAPE/NUPGE has launched a new campaign, Don't Let Go.

As part of the campaign, NAPE/NUPGE has released a doodle ad, illustrating why privatization is such a threat to our public services. 













Privatization means it costs more and the public gets less

As NAPE/NUPGE points out, privatization means government can wash its hands of responsibility. Because unlike governments, corporations answer only to their shareholders. 

Yet, research and the experience in other provinces clearly show residents of private long-term care facilities receive fewer hours of care and fewer services. They’re less healthy, and less happy. And privatization costs more — not less. So privatization of long-term care is not the answer.

Support public long-term care services

NAPE/NUPGE urges everyone to send this letter to the three political parties voicing your opposition to privatization and your intent to vote based on this commitment. 

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