NBU Going Green with GreenNexxus.com

This green social networking site develop by NBU's Peter Corbyn, is an opportunity for components to engage members with others from across Canada.

We are pleased to introduce a green social networking site developed by one of our own, Peter Corbyn (NBU/NUPGE) - www.greennexxus.com.

Participants on GreenNexxus can calculate their carbon footprint at home and work. They can earn points towards purchase of environmentally friendly items (coming soon) and network with green communities across Canada.

NBU/NUPGE is the first component to become a Friend of GreenNexxus - a program that allows the union to aggregate the emissions reductions from active member’s personal efforts. For example, six months from now the local papers may report that "NBU/NUPGE members have collectively saved 380 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions from June to December 2008". That makes a statement (and it is free)!

GreenNexxus features include:

  • The Green Energy Pledge helps you reduce energy use in a simple straightforward way
  • Projects, mini-blogs and photo albums to share your green activities and learn from others
  • Green Social Networking Groups to help you grow green focussed communities online
  • Listings of green events in your regions
  • Weekly green blogs

GreenNexxus is also working with Al Gore’s Climate Project Canada, a global non-profit organization, which provides support and networking tools for over 2,000 Al Gore trained Inconvenient Truth presenters from Canada, U.S., U.K., Spain, India and Australia.

If you would like your union to become part of the GreenNexxus wave please contact Peter Corbyn; peter@greennexxus.com.

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