NDM-1 'superbug' found in Brampton hospital

Cases have so far turned up in three Canadian provinces.

Toronto (24 Aug. 2010) - Ontario has recorded its first case of the so-called superbug NDM-1, an enzyme that is extremely resistant to antibiotics. It was identified at the William Osler Health Centre in Brampton.

NDM-1 is found in most commonly in South Asia. The patient affected picked the bug while undergoing a medical procedure in India but is no longer in danger. No other information was released. Earlier cases turned up in Alberta and B.C.

The antibiotic-resistant bacteria have been found to date in approximately 180 people in India, Pakistan and the U.K. The bacteria has also been detected in Australia, the U.S., the Netherlands and Sweden.

The superbug poses a potentially serious threat to patients, staff and visitors.


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