Nova Scotia government denies workers' right to choose their union

Tell the Nova Scotia Premier you oppose Bill 1. Send a message now

Halifax (30 Sept. 2014) — The legislation being rammed through the provincial legislature by the Nova Scotia Liberal government is unprecedented in the history of labour relations in the province. 

Send a message telling Premier McNeill to respect workers rights

Not only does the proposed legislation, the first introduced by the new provincial Liberal government, freeze bargaining and ban strikes until 2015, it will take away the right of workers to choose which union will represent them.

This right is fundamental to the Canadian system of labour relations. 

Join the LabourStart campaign to fight this legislation

Nova Scotian unions are fighting back but they need support from people across Canada.  With the help of LabourStart, workers are mobilizing to send a message to the McNeil government.

Please, take just a moment to send a protest message to the Nova Scotian government.  And not just out of solidarity.  Bad ideas travel fast and this one may be coming to a provincial legislature near you if we can't put a stop to it now.

Click here to send your message. Encourage your friends, family and coworkers who are concerned about the precedence this legislation will set for workers, not just in Nova Scotia, but across Canada. 


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