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Nova Scotians pressure government to prevent privatization of home care

Sign the petition to stop the privatization of home care services in Nova Scotia. 

Halifax (15 May 2015) — The fight to keep home care services in the public health care system may have just shifted. Pressure has been mounting on the Nova Scotia government after the Minister of Health announced that he would be introducing a competitive bidding model to the home care system across the province. 

Nova Scotia government backtracking on privatization of home care?

Now, it appears as though the Deputy Minister of Health is stepping back from the initial statements, suggesting that plans to contract out home care to private corporations aren't set in stone. In fact, he said privatization is only one of many ways to change home care that the government is proposing, and might not even be the best one.

This is good news for Nova Scotians in need of home care services. Competitive bidding has been a disaster in Ontario. A recent government-commissioned expert panel just released a report documenting the major, and many, problems in the home care system in the province. 

The efforts of the public and home care workers to stop privatization are paying off

But the fight is not over yet. Nova Scotians need to keep the pressure up and convince the provincial government to reject privatization and to cover home care fully under Medicare. 

You can help by signing the Nova Scotia Citizens' Healthcare Network's online petition. The Health Minister and the local Member of Legislative Assembly receive an email every time someone signs the petition. 

Please share it in emails, on Facebook, and Twitter.

Show this government just how many people support public home care. 


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