NSGEU members Sock It to Poverty, again!

Unions do much more than help their members. Unions help people in their communities every day, and especially with projects like Sock it to Poverty.

Halifax (06 April 2017) — The Human Rights Committee of the Nova Scotia Government and General Employees' Union (NSGEU/NUPGE) is sending a huge thank you to all members that contributed to the 2016-2017 Sock It to Poverty campaign.

Unions make a difference in our communities

Together, NSGEU/NUPGE members collected 387 mittens and gloves, 396 hats, 149 scarves, and 847 pairs of socks.

As well, the cash donations collected allowed the union to purchase an additional 2,190 pairs of socks from Stanfield.

The NSGEU/NUPGE has received another $2,200 in cash as of January 2017 which the committee will use to purchase more new socks to be distributed in the regions where the donations were received. 

Metro Turning Point,  Halifax Youth Attendance Centre, Harvest House, and Stepping Stone women’s shelter are just a few of the organizations that have benefited from the help and generosity of NSGEU/NUPGE members this winter. 

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