NSGEU President applauds decision to keep tourism centres open

Visitor Information Centres will remain open and run by the province.

Halifax (01 March 2016) — The President of the Nova Scotia Government and General Employees' Union (NSGEU/NUPGE), Joan Jessome is giving credit to the government for its decision to keep the six remaining Visitor Information Centres open and run by the same experienced staff.

In a news release, the Minister of Business, Mark Furey wrote, "These centres are important provincial assets that add value to the tourism experience in Nova Scotia and to the communities where they operate." 

Nova Scotia government keeps remaining Visitor Information Centres open

“I am very pleased with this outcome. Over the last year, our members who work in these Visitor Information Centres have been very concerned about the future of tourism, and the role these centres play within the industry,” says Jessome.

“These workers have dedicated a lot of time and effort into reaching out to tourism operators to advocate for the centres to remain open, and in the end it looks like that hard work has paid off.”

Tourism operators and NSGEU/NUPGE members have been concerned for the future of the remaining centres since the province closed the Digby and Pictou centres last year. These concerns were only heightened by the lack of information being provided to the workers, communities and organizations.

Tourism brings in $2B to Nova Scotia

“I am relieved the government has decided to not turn its back on this $2 billion industry and that they are not throwing away the many years of tourism experience, passion and dedication our members use to promote Nova Scotia to visitors,” says Jessome.

“We also appreciate the advocacy of the opposition parties, as they helped raise public awareness around this important issue.”


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