NUPGE project explores what generational change means for unions

Members of NUPGE Components, we need your input. Take this quick survey to tell us what you think! Have the chance to win an iPad!

Ottawa (07 June 2017) — The National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE) has embarked on a project to discuss and analyse how the labour movement is embracing generational change. The project will be looking at various aspects of the union's relationship with young workers, the issues they care about, and how the union can be more responsive in order to encourage interest, engagement and mobilization. 

NUPGE embarks on project to address generational shift in our movement

"With the changing demographics of our members, we want to be at the forefront of adopting changes that will lead to more engagement of our membership," said Larry Brown, NUPGE President. "This research will be key to mapping a direction that will enhance our organizing capabilities, create room for more creative engagement, and ensure that our union, and the labour movement as a whole, are ready to make the movement more "Millennial friendly."

The National Union has partnered with Abacus Data, an organization leading the way on Millennial issues, to conduct original research that includes a national survey of Canadian Millennials who are members of unions, as well as of those who are not. The project includes a survey of NUPGE members and an online community, similar to a focus group, to allow for conversation about their union and the labour movement in general. 

All members of NUPGE's Components encouraged to take part in survey

"The National Union is inviting all of our members to participate in this online survey," said Brown. "But we are also trying to engage members who are not very active in the union to fill out the survey. We want to have a good sample of active and inactive union members to ensure we get a thorough understanding of all the communities in the movement." 

Members who participate in the survey will also be asked if they would like to engage in an online research community that will allow for deeper discussions about perceptions and policy issues. As an incentive, each participant in the online research community will receive $100.

Everyone who fills out the survey will have their name added to a draw for an iPad as a thank you for contributing their time. The survey should take approximately 8 minutes to complete. 

"Participation in this project will allow us all to ensure that we are preparing for a future that responds to the needs of all of our members," said Brown.

Survey Details

  • If you are a member of a Component of the National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE), we want you to participate. 
  • If you are a young worker (under 35), we want you to participate. 
  • If you are a inactive union member, we want you to participate. 

"This is an exciting venture for us," added Brown. "We will be able to create a solid path into the future by building a stronger, more engaged labour movement."


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