October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month in North America | National Union of Public and General Employees

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month in North America

One in nine women will develop breast cancer


Ottawa (1 Oct. 2006) – Each year in North America, October is recognized as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In 2006, an estimated 22,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer and 5,300 will die of it.

One in nine women are expected to develop breast cancer during their lifetime.

Among adults aged 15-44, one third of worldwide disease is illness exclusive to women, such as cervical cancer or illness predominant among women such as breast cancer, osteoarthritis or anemia.

HSABC president Cindy Stewart is again participating in the Run for the Cure

The National Union's Advisory Committee on Women's Issues has had a long history of promoting awareness of this issue at the national level and the Component level. Through pink ribbon campaigns and participation in fund raising events, efforts continue to raise funds for research into the prevention of breast cancer.

The Health Sciences Association of British Columbia (HSABC/NUPGE) has been an official sponsor for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation's Annual Run for the Cure since 1997. HSABC members have contributed more than $650,000 to the fight against breast cancer through the union's silver level sponsorship, donations raised by members and education and promotional support.

HSABC president Cindy Stewart is once again participating in the Run for the Cure and, as in past years, the National Union has made a contribution in her name to the Run for the Cure.

James Clancy

National president James Clancy notes, "The continued dedication of HSABC's leadership and members to support the fight to end breast cancer is inspirational. Their members who include ultrasonographers, mammographers and radiation therapists work every day with women affected by this disease and as well give freely of their own time to raise funds to eradicate this disease."

Although since 1993 incidence rates for breast cancer have stabilized and death rates have declined steadily, breast cancer continues to be a life threatening issue for
women. The National Union continues to encourage all of its 340,000 members to take an active part in the fight to end this disease. NUPGE

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