ODSP workers to rally in 30 centres across Ontario February 12 | National Union of Public and General Employees

ODSP workers to rally in 30 centres across Ontario February 12

The breakdown of the SAMS computer program has had a heavy toll on the thousands of disadvantaged people who rely on social assistance. 

Toronto (12 Feb. 2015) — Disappointed and demoralized by the continued attack on poor people caused by problems with the SAMS computer program for providing social assistance payments, Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) workers will be staging noon hour rallies outside their local offices in 30 communities across Ontario on February 12.

Rallies to raise public awareness about how the SAMS program problems are affecting those who need support

The rallies will provide an opportunity for ODSP front-line workers and support staff, represented by the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU/NUPGE), to share with the public the on-going problems affecting the SAMS program. The dysfunction of the program is exacting a heavy toll on both recipients of the Ontario Disability Support Program and the workers who administer the payment of social assistance across the province.

The rallies will also demonstrate OPSEU/NUPGE’s support on behalf of disadvantaged people who have become victims of the SAMS breakdown. The work OPSEU/NUPGE performs on behalf of marginalized communities rests at the heart of its lawsuit and injunction seeking a court order to suspend the SAMS program from use until it can provide reliable, timely and accurate benefits to those in need.

OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas is scheduled to speak at 12 noon, on February 12, at the rally planned for 385 Yonge Street in Toronto.


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