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Ontario Liberals backtrack on changes to Ontario Drug Benefit

Changes proposed in budget would have seen drug costs increase for many seniors.

from CBC News

Toronto (04 April 2016) — Ontario's Liberal government is backtracking on changes announced in its recent budget that would have increased drug costs for most seniors.

The government proposed in the budget to raise the Ontario Drug Benefit low-income threshold for single seniors from $16,018 to $19,300. 

It said seniors below the threshold would no longer have to pay any deductible, but seniors above that threshold would have their deductible increased from $100 to $170.

Following an outcry from seniors' groups and opposition politicians, the premier said her government would reconsider that threshold.

Health Minister Eric Hoskins announced today that the threshold won't be changing -- except to be indexed to inflation -- but the deductible will now not be increased for seniors above the threshold.

The ministry couldn't immediately say what extra costs it will incur because of the changes.

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