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OPSEU Developmental Services Workers take action

Wearing blue, presenting pastry turnovers and speaking out about crisis in developmental services across the country, OPSEU/NUPGE members got creative to get attention. 

Toronto (20 Jan. 2014) – During the week of January 13, developmental services workers (DSWs), who are members of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU/NUPGE) spoke out, wore blue, and delivered turnovers to call attention to the lack of funding in the developmental services (DS) sector and to kick off bargaining for over 50 agencies.

DSWs made presentations at government committees, at MPP offices to talk about the crisis in developmental services

Silvana Cacciatore-Roy, DS Vice-Chair, and front-line DSWs made a presentation at the DS Select Committee Hearing in Thunder Bay, January 14. The select committee, which includes MPPs from all three Ontario parties, is examining ways to fix the current crisis for people who have intellectual disabilities. Ontario families are stressed and pushed to the limit waiting for access to services. The Select Committee’s interim report is due in late February.

The same day, DSWs delivered turnovers to their MPP’s office. The pastry was a symbol of the high turnover in frontline staff due to low wages and precarious employment.

DSWs and their supporters across the province dressed in blue to highlight and support the Notice to Bargain on January 15.


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