Petition with nearly 6,000 signatures to save the Dauphin jail delivered to Manitoba govt.

"These Manitobans are sending a strong message to the government that it needs to reconsider its decision – it's not too late to change course." ― Michelle Gawronsky, MGEU President

Winnipeg (5 Mar. 2020) ― Dozens of Manitoba Government and General Employees' Union (MGEU/NUPGE) correctional officers and community members attended yesterday’s Legislative session to watch the presentation of a petition with nearly 6,000 signatures supporting the union’s position to keep the Dauphin jail open until a new healing centre is built.

Manitobans sending a strong message to the government

"We are grateful that thousands of Manitobans who have signed this petition urging the government to reverse this short-sighted decision to cancel the new healing centre and close the Dauphin jail," said Michelle Gawronsky, MGEU President. "These Manitobans are sending a strong message to the government that it needs to reconsider its decision – it's not too late to change course."

Unless the decision is reversed, members working at the Dauphin Jail face difficult choices. MGEU/NUPGE has worked over the last few weeks to come to an agreement with the Province as to how the job cuts will be managed.

Loss of 80 jobs in the Dauphin community

“Given the situation, it’s our legal and moral responsibility as a union to get the best arrangements for all our members,” Gawronsky said. “But even if other jobs are found for Dauphin jail staff, there will still be 80 fewer good, family-supporting jobs in the Dauphin community as a result of this decision. And the government’s plan will still force civil service staff into a divisive and disruptive bumping process”

The existing collective agreement for the civil service includes provisions that govern how layoffs and bumping are to take place. The adjustment agreement negotiated for impacted staff adds provisions for the employer to assist with relocation and associated expenses, up-front payment of severance for impacted members who choose to leave the civil service, more flexibility in how impacted members may use their earned leave banks, and access to vacant job opportunities in the civil service.

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