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Powerful new video for B.C.'s Choose Children campaign

Video shows how B.C.’s child and family welfare system is falling apart, putting vulnerable children, youth and families at risk.

Vancouver (27 Jan. 2015) — As part of their Choose Children campaign the British Columbia Government and Service Employees Union (BCGEU/NUPGE) has released a powerful new video. 

Falling through the cracks

The campaign is highlighting the fact that every day in British Columbia, vulnerable children, youth, and families are falling through the cracks of an under-resourced and over-stretched child welfare system. The safety and wellbeing of vulnerable children and families is being compromised because the B.C. government is not committing the resources required to protect them, with desperately tragic consequences.  

Services and supports for vulnerable children, youth, and families are being regularly compromised by severe staffing shortages, excessive caseloads, and dangerous occupational health and safety risks. Quite simply, there are neither enough resources, nor enough staff; and the volume of work—measured by caseloads—are intolerable.

Fear of a tragedy in the making

Frontline workers can’t get to vulnerable children when they most urgently need help. Workers are buried under massive caseloads, severe staffing shortages and a complete lack of resources. The BCGEU/NUPGE says that this cannot continue.

Before long, another child or youth is going to get hurt or die. British Columbia cannot continue to do child and family welfare on the cheap.

It’s time government gives back what it’s taken from children at risk. B.C.’s political leaders need to get their priorities straight. This budget, choose children.

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